Hey, first I want to thank you for the visit. I am assuming you want to know a little bit about the Literary Yog. So here it is-

The idea of Literary Yog started in February, 2020. One day I was surfing some topics related to Indian literature, but I could not get what I wanted on the Internet. Then I felt my experience would be the same as those who had been searching for similar things on the Internet. I thought, what if I could do something. However, I did not work right after that.

Then it was the month of April 2020.

“It the best of times, it was the worst of times… it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair”

When the world was undergoing a phase of uncertainty due to the unanticipated pandemic, personally for me it was the best time to re-start my life, start something new. For the World, it was a desperate time but I saw hope, a ray of hope amidst the dark clouds. In April, I immersed myself in the idea of Literary Yog. The idea behind Literary Yog is to discuss topics that come under the radar of literature. From a single aspect of a novel to the diverse issues of life. In short, it is a unified platform for all related topics of literature. Hence the name ‘yog’ is given. I have discussed American literature to Indian literature so far in the blog. For any query, just drop a mail here. Even for any suggestion do the same.

With regards,

The Solitude Seeker, founder of Literary Yog.