1. 1. Deception. ( He deceives both his wives while saying them to get ready for the function ) ( Secondly, he deceives the people of his own country by getting involved in corruption with the white officials ) ( Thirdly, he deceives the government by changing the name from “Lady Ram” to “Two Lady Rams” in each and every official document )

      2. The position of Indian women in the colonial era.

  1. Everytime I read like this kinda stories or Novels or poems. Just one thing pins my skull, we Indians are still colonised by every factor and the last point mimicry* has show how the country is suffering by denying the actual Indian path, we are still mimicking others and see a different individual in the mirror.
    All the conflicts arousing now is happening just because of Britishers.
    Sorry for an irrelevant comment but being an artist & lyricist a deeper philosophy arises in my limbic system.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thought.
      It is true that colonialism has left a lasting imprint on Indian society. We are a diverse and vibrant nation with a rich heritage. By acknowledging and embracing our unique path, we can find ways to honor our roots while also appreciating the diverse influences that have shaped our artistic expressions.

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