1. 1. Deception. ( He deceives both his wives while saying them to get ready for the function ) ( Secondly, he deceives the people of his own country by getting involved in corruption with the white officials ) ( Thirdly, he deceives the government by changing the name from “Lady Ram” to “Two Lady Rams” in each and every official document )

      2. The position of Indian women in the colonial era.

      1. Can you please tell me if this short story fits the criteria of short stories as given by Edgar Allan Poe? Our professor asked us to analyze the style of writing.

  1. Everytime I read like this kinda stories or Novels or poems. Just one thing pins my skull, we Indians are still colonised by every factor and the last point mimicry* has show how the country is suffering by denying the actual Indian path, we are still mimicking others and see a different individual in the mirror.
    All the conflicts arousing now is happening just because of Britishers.
    Sorry for an irrelevant comment but being an artist & lyricist a deeper philosophy arises in my limbic system.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thought.
      It is true that colonialism has left a lasting imprint on Indian society. We are a diverse and vibrant nation with a rich heritage. By acknowledging and embracing our unique path, we can find ways to honor our roots while also appreciating the diverse influences that have shaped our artistic expressions.

  2. May I ask, how do the author, i.e., Mulk Raj Anand expose the hypocrisies of the Britishers and the rich people in the story…???

    1. Mulk Raj Anand exposes the hypocrisies of the British colonial administration and the rich people in India through the story “Two Lady Rams” in several ways. For instance,
      The British colonial rulers are shown as deceptive, granting titles and honors like knighthood not as genuine recognition of merit but as a tool to appease and control the wealthy natives. This is evident when the protagonist, Lalla Jhinda Ram, who is known for his dishonest dealings, receives a knighthood.
      Second, the British administration shows a clear lack of concern for the complexities of native life, such as polygamy and the status of women. The government’s failure to specify which wife should be invited as “Lady Ram” reflects their indifference and lack of care for the personal and cultural issues affecting its subjects.

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